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How To Make Your Insurance Claims Process Go Smoothly

driving childrenFilling an insurance claim is not fun and can sometimes be frustrating. However, it doesn’t need to be complicated: it can in fact be a walk-in-the park if you have everything in order. There are many reasons why you would file for an insurance claim.

Your house may have been destroyed by a natural disaster such as  a hurricane or maybe your car was involved in an accident. Regardless of the reason for your claim, you deserve to have an uncomplicated process. Insurance companies are not always easy to deal with and it is actually easier to enroll for your insurance package than it is to file a claim.

While this is not the case with most companies, many will agree that they really make it hard for us to file claims. The question is how to make it workable and easy? In order to file your claim, you need to have certain things in order: it helps to always have your documentation well placed even before you get into a predicament that will require claiming as this makes your work easier.

Know About Insurance Companies

Insurance companies sell insurance and therefore have an obligation to handle your claim. Below are some of the things that your insurance company must do:

  • They must treat you in good faith

  • They must investigate your claim

  • They must pay up legitimate claims

  • They must provide proper advice

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Liberty Mutual





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Your interests should be given as much consideration as that of the insurance company

Contrary to what you may think, insurance companies must treat you fairly and honestly. In other words, their actions must be in good faith. Your claims must be investigated and all bases of the claim scrutinized.

This is not something that many people like to hear: especially those who like to file claims that have no merit or based on falsehoods. Your insurance company will provide you with all the information you require in order to protect your rights. And they should advice you on all matters concerning coverage, benefits, limits and other things regarding your claim.

Now that you know how an insurance company should handle your claim, you can proceed to learn how to file your claim easily.

Eight Great Ways to File an Insurance Claim

Many assume that filing an insurance claim is a simple process. However, there are certain aspects in the claiming process that many are unaware of until they actually get to file the claim!

The following tips will make it easier for you to file and receive your insurance claim faster:

  • Report the issue as soon as possible

  • Give factual information

  • Document all damages

  • Assemble all documents required

  • Refer to your insurance policy

  • Document the entire process

  • Work closely with the inspector/adjustor

  • Use your insurance broker

The faster you report the accident or any other incident, the faster you will getworking with adjuster your claim. The main reason to file your claim fast should not however be because you want your payout fast but because insurance policies have time limits.

The claim may be dismissed if does not fall within the time limit given: you can only blame yourself if that were to happen. Do not exaggerate the story, simple clear facts should do. Writing down what happened helps since insurers will want to know information such as the date, time, and people involved such as the locksmith who fixed the locks if a break occurred in your home.

The claim needs to be well-detailed and it needs to fit the bill since asking for too much money could push your insurance company to nullify the claim. If you can produce evidence of the damage this could help the process move much faster. Pictures and videos would be great! Does your policy even cover the claim? The only way you can answer this question is by perusing your policy.

Policy Requirements

Some policies require that you inform the insurer before getting your own locksmith so that the work can be carried out by an approved company: be careful about what you do before making the claim. If you are claiming items that have been destroyed or damaged in your home, it helps to have item receipts. It is also vital that you have documents such as your police report and damage valuations if you used any other service during the process.

Still on documentation, ensure that take notes on all communication you have between you and your claims handler. And that includes saving all emails sent and received. As mentioned earlier, all claims must be investigated and it therefore helps to be on your inspectors good side because at the end of the day, they could make this process unnecessarily long for you if you are difficult to deal with.

Have time to answer questions and mutual respect. Also do not give unnecessary information because this may lead to suspicion or you might even unveil information that may nullify the claim. If you got your policy from a broker, then by all means use your broker. They could expedite the claim process.

How to Save Time When Making Claims

Here is how you can save time and expedite the process:

  • Consider your deductibles

  • Know your policy

  • Obtain various estimates

  • Follow up

mad at insurance adjusterYour deductibles matter when filing a claim. And here is no point of filing for a claim if the loss is lower than the deductible amount or if the damages are only slightly higher than your deductible. Remember that claims have an impact on your premium, even the unnecessary ones. Know your policy in and out so as to know what to expect.

Insurance companies will not waste your time if you know your rights. If a policy says they will pay a claim in 30 days, let them know that you are aware of that fact. Obtain various estimates from respected service providers as this expedites the process and also follow up to eliminate unnecessary delays on the insurance company’s part.

This information should help you have an uncomplicated process while filing your claim and one that will hurry up the entire process. Getting the cheapest car insurance is easy, however, if you are in an accident you want to be sure the claims process goes smoothly when filing an insurance claim.

Greg Fowler

Greg Fowler

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