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Three Cool Apps to Have in the Event of a Car Accident

The time during an auto accident is a difficult time where we barely remember our names, let alone the myriad small details we are suppose to remember and or think about. However this period of time is quite crucial and can possibly mean the difference between getting a large insurance settlement or being found at fault and responsible for a rather large bill. So it pays (literally) to be vigilant and to record information as accurately as possible during an accident.

Table – Top Car Accident Apps Around

AppReviews / Avg *CostiOS / Android**
Accident Report500+ / 4.4FreeY / Y
Auto Accident!100+ / 9.8.99Y / Y
AxiKit Accident500+ / 9.7FreeY / Y
C.A.R. - Car Accident Report1000+ / 5.9FreeY / Y
iWrecked500+ / 3.9FreeY / Y
Navbug Accident100+ / 2.74.99Y / Y
Help! I Crashed My Car100+ / 2.7FreeY / Y
Crashmate Accident0 / 0FreeY / Y
Unfall Assistent0 / 0.99Y / Y

*Number of Reviews and the average review per person.

**If compatible with iOS or Android (yes or no).

Luckily there are a number of smartphone apps which help us do just that and are quite good at it. In this article, we take a look at a few of them. See our top picks below.

1. AxiKit Accident Report Kit

This is a picture of AxiKit Accident Report Kit

This handy app allows you to record important information that is needed during an insurance claim and or simply to relay back in police reports. Things such as driver details, vehicle information, photos, video, witness statements and so on. You can have some it pre-populated data such as your insurance company contact number, policy numbers, etc, but most important is (on the scene) information. Since this is usually through all the chaos, the hardest part to remember.

Price: $ FREE

2. Help! I Crashed My Car

This is a picture of Help! I Crashed My Car

This app bills itself as your personal vehicle assistant and its name is spot on. Through the app you can quickly find local police, hospital and or ambulance information, get tips on what to do during an accident, get live traffic updates and even schedule vehicle repair appointments on the spot. These things might not seem terribly vital when you’re calmly sitting behind a computer screen; but it’s an entirely different matter after a vehicular collision. Our thoughts and hearts go into overdrive and the simplest information escapes our brains; so these apps can and do come in handy in a time of need. You can check the app out here.

Price: $ FREE

3. iWrecked

Picture of iWrecked car accident app.

iWrecked is both good on Android and iPhone and essentially it helps with having detailed vehicle and insurance information at your fingertips. We like this one because of it’s ease of use and nice looking interface. If you like simple, go with iWrecked and download to your phone to get a feel for it. Remember these apps allow you to pre populate information such as contact numbers for your insurance carrier, policy numbers, coverage limits, type, etc which is needed both during and after an accident; along with police report. These are the first set of questions asked during the claims process as well. Simply pull out your smartphone and the info will be there.

Price: $ FREE

Best & Worst Cities to have a Car Accident

No one likes to plan for an accident, but those who do – are in a better position to manage it better and properly. Insurance companies need details of an accident and the better prepared you are, the better your chances of coming out on top during a harsh claims process. Although nobody want to be in a car accident the odds are likely you will, about once every 4 to 14 years according to the statistics below.

Table – Best Driving Cities

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RankCity, StateCompare to United States AverageAverage Years Between Collisions
1Kansas City, KS-24.8%13.3
2Brownsville, TX-24.613.3
3Boise, ID-23.5 13.1
4Fort Collins, CO-21.112.7
5Cape Coral, FL-21.0 12.7
6Madison, WI-18.212.2
7Cedar Rapids, IA-15.1 11.8
8Laredo, TX-14.711.7
9Huntsville, AL-14.711.7
10Cary, NC-13.811.6

Table – Worst Driving Cities

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RankCity, StateCompare to United States AverageAverage Years Between Collisions
1Boston, MA157.7%3.9
2Worster, MA120.74.5
3Baltimore, MD113.94.7
4Washington, DC106.34.8
5Springfield, MA93.15.2
6Providence, RI87.45.3
7Glendale, CA79.45.6
8San Francisco, CA65.0 6.1
9Philadelphia, PA64.46.1
10Los Angeles, CA63.3 6.1

Be ready and have fun during your travels, but most of all – be safe. Good luck.

Shaun Fyffe

Shaun Fyffe

Hi, I am Shaun Fyffe and writing is my passion. I have been researching and writing for the auto insurance industry for 10 years. In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors, spending time with my family, sometimes I might go hiking or riding a bike, plus doing the regular hanging out - New York Style!

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