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An Easy Way To Check Your Insurance Information For Your Vehicle

Not sure if your car is insured? One of the worst things you can do as a driver is to drive a car without the proper auto insurance. Not only is it against the law to drive without car insurance, but you could also put other drivers at risk in the process.

So what can you do to find out if your car is insured?

Well, the most obvious thing to do is to check your records. If you’ve had automatic payments deducted fromdriving safe your bank account or credit card made towards an insurance company, then you most likely have car insurance.

In order to confirm that those payments were being made for, it is best to follow up with that insurance company. They will give you the information that you need.

If you haven’t been making monthly payments, then that does not mean that you don’t have car insurance. However, it does mean that you may need to keep digging.

Another way to check to see if you have car insurance is to use the motor insurance database. If your car is insured in the United States, then it should be in that database. If it’s not in the database, then you know that you need to look into getting car insurance as soon as possible.

Where Can I Get Car Insurance?

Getting car insurance is easier than it’s ever been. Here at AutoInsureSavings, we provide you with the tools to help you get the insurance you need at the rates you want. Simply enter your zip code in the advanced quote comparison tool at the top of the page. It’s that simple.

After you’ve entered your zip code, you’ll need to answer a few questions about yourself and your car. We’ll then give you a list of all auto insurance companies in your area, and the rates they are willing to offer you. Now you have all the information you need to get car insurance.

Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

Whether you want auto insurance or not, there’s no denying that you absolutely need it if you plan to drive your car. There are a few very important reasons as to why you need car insurance before your vehicle hits the road:

  • It’s the law

  • Not having insurance could impact your future rates

  • Insurance could protect you against lawsuits

  • Not having insurance could impact other drivers

It’s the law

It is illegal to drive an uninsured car on the road. While there are some individuals that opt to take the risk of driving without insurance, it is not recommended that you follow suit. If you’re found driving an uninsured car, you could have your license suspended. In worst case scenarios, or if you’ve had multiple violations, you could face a hefty fine or even jail time.

The impact that driving without car insurance could have on your future rates

While driving without car insurance might save you a few hundred dollars, getting caught could cost you far more than that in legal fees. It could also cost you thousands of dollars in the future when you actually try to have your car insured.

drivingCar insurance companies will have access to your driving history, and they will likely label you as a high risk driver should you get caught driving without insurance. With high risk status, you’ll have to pay increased rates for an extended period of time. These rates could be double or triple standard rates, meaning you’ll be paying a good deal more out of pocket.

Protection against lawsuits

One of the main reasons why drivers have car insurance is to protect themselves in the case of an accident. Should you get into a bad accident in which someone is hurt, there’s a chance that you’ll hit be with a lawsuit. Typically in such situations, your insurance will provide legal liability coverage. Without insurance, you’ll have no protection.

Driving without car insurance could impact other drivers

Should you have an accident in which you are at fault, the other person involved will typically rely on your insurance company to cover any damage to their car. If you don’t have insurance, you may need to pay for the damages out of pocket. If you’re unable to pay, their insurance may need to cover the damages.

Before you take your car out for a drive, it is absolutely essential that you know you have car insurance. If you aren’t sure if you have coverage, you’ll want to check if you have car insurance immediately by following the suggestions we’ve offered here.

Greg Fowler

Greg Fowler

Managing Member of AutoInsureSavings LLC, Greg has been in the insurance industry for 12 years and enjoys rebuilding vehicles. His goal is to help drivers save on anything related to automobiles. Travel and enjoying the outdoors are some of his hobbies. The best way to reach him is at his Twitter or Facebook Profile.

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