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How To Become A Great Driver!

roadDriving is a learned skill that takes practice. Although there are some people who are unable to drive because of a physical or metal handicap, most people can learn to be great drivers with practice.

The more practice you put into driving, the more experience you gain to help yourself develop into a great driver. Although anyone can become involved in an accident, there are tips that you can put into practice to help you increase your chances in avoiding accidents.

Well Being

It is important to be well rested before getting in your car. Sleep deprivation causes tiredness and fatigue affecting mental concentration and reflexes.

To increase your energy level to handle the task of driving, make sure to fuel your body with food and hydrate your body with plenty of water. Being energized will help you remain alert while operating a vehicle.

Avoid driving your vehicle when you are upset, angry or on mediation. Some medications will make you sleepy or slow your reflexes, and being upset or angry will affect your concentration.

Concentration and Focus

When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you should clear your mind and focus on the task of driving.

texting and driving simulator

Texting and driving simulator

Concentration and focus are key elements if you want to become a great driver.

Keep your eyes on the road and avoid looking around the interior of the vehicle.

When you listen to music, preset your radio station before putting your car into gear to avoid having to look down and fiddle with the radio controls.

You should also ensure that you have adjusted mirrors, heat/air conditioning, and seats so you are not distracted with these things while driving.

If you have other passengers in the car with you, make sure that you do not get distracted by their conversations which can cause you to lose your concentration and take your focus from the road.

In addition, avoid answering your cell phone or texting while driving. Many states have implemented laws against texting and driving because of the many accidents that have occurred due to people texting while driving.

Understanding Your Vehicle

Make sure you understand your vehicle layout and controls. Every vehicle has a different layout or design.

It is important that you know how to operate all controls such as lights, windshield wipers, gear shifting and brakes. If you buy a new vehicle, it will probably drive a little differently than your old vehicle.

Practice driving to get comfortable with how your vehicle operates as well as getting comfortable with using all controls without looking down at them.

Drive Defensively

Be aware of other people driving. You should always anticipate that something could go wrong around you. Other drivers can experience a vehicle problem or a health problem while driving.

Other drivers can even experience distractions causing them to lose concentration. You should assume that everyone on the road has less experience than you.

Other drivers can make a driving mistake at any time. In addition, never blindly trust traffic lights or turn signals because these can malfunction causing accidents.

To be a great driver you should be aware of your surroundings and anticipate that things can go wrong at anytime.

Driving defensively does not mean that you are on the attack, but means that you anticipate the things that could go wrong so that you are prepared to react appropriately if the need arises to prevent an accident.

Take Suggestions

Accept criticism with an open mind, and strive to improve your driving. Sometimes other passengers can offer you advice or a technique that can help you improve you skill of driving.

Accept suggestions and do not reject others advice before trying it. If other passengers are not comfortable with your driving, try to adapt to their needs or wishes to make them more comfortable.

For example, maybe your passengers believe you are driving too fast. To accommodate your passengers’ needs, trying slowing down so everyone in your vehicle will remain calm to avoid an accident.

Andrew Handley

Andrew Handley

I'm a regular blogger at Proctor Honda writing about the fundamentals of driving. By following these driving tips, you can become a great driver and decrease your chance of becoming an accident statistic. Remember, practice will help you gain experience and always follow speed limits and traffic rules.

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