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Really Dumb Mistakes People Do To Catapult Their Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance can be a significant expense for any household, but how it’s calculated can seem a little mysterious. There are many factors that go into auto insurance, which means that there are many things that can potentially alter your auto insurance without you realizing it. Here are a few of the top mistakes that people often make that skyrockets their insurance policy.

  1. Being a Risky Driver

When someone has had a DUI or another similar issue, they will often need to get SR-22 insurance from a company like Great Northern Insurance Agency. This type of insurance is a high risk insurance policy that is often extremely expensive. The only thing that a driver can do to avoid this is to wait until their need for an SR-22 insurance policy has passed—which usually takes at least a few years, depending on the offense. Other elements of risk which increase your rates.

  1. Move to Another Area


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When it comes to moving, automobile insurance is rarely the first thing that someone thinks about. Yet, simply moving to another area often vastly alters all types of insurance. Not only will the crime rates change, but the number of accidents in the area will change—after all, congested city life is more likely to lead to more fender benders. Everything from weather to population density may go into the calculations as well.

  1. Get a New Car

Many people assume that getting a new car will lower their auto insurance rates. This is possible when transitioning from a very old car to a very new car as newer cars have better safety measures. However, a new car can significantly increase insurance rates as well, especially if it is an expensive car. That is due to the fact that the auto company needs to ensure the entire replacement value of the vehicle.

  1. Get a New Job

Believe it or not, your job actually impacts your auto insurance policy too. Insurance underwriters are aware that different positions have different levels of risk. That is because a secretary isn’t as likely to have the same insurance rate as a stunt driver. Additionally, the length of your commute can have an impact on your insurance rates.

  1. Making Any Type of Claim

Many people naturally assume that making a claim that was not their fault won’t hurt them. But any claim can raise insurance policies, even those due to theft from the vehicle. To avoid this, car owners should look for insurance policies that have certain types of “claim forgiveness.”

Sometimes there are unavoidable changes that you need to make to your life. When these occur, an insurance expert may be able to help you find ways that you can still save money on your insurance while maintaining your coverage.

Hannah Whittenly

Hannah Whittenly

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She graduated from the University of California-Sacramento with a degree in Journalism.

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