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The State of New York Is Implementing Texting And Driving Laws

The Governor of New York commented there had been over a three hundred percent increase in the quantity of texting-while-driving tickets issued in the State in the prior twelve months. That implies over twenty thousand (20,000) such tickets were distributed during the past year. The rise was thanks to a change in the law that permitted police bigger liberty to pull over and cite drivers for using their telephones while behind the wheel.

This development brings up the problem of whether all those tickets are having a repercussion on the sum of money residents pay for cheap auto insurance. And it seems like they are at least in a few cases. Whether texting-while-driving tickets impact on violators’ insurance costs will rely on a few considerations: state law and their insurer’s rating practices. State law matters because in several states texting-while-driving tickets don’t basically show up on your driving record. Like a parking violation, you simply get ticketed for it and then are required to pay a fine.

Insurance firms will possibly never learn about it in states with these rules. In some, like Idaho, there are bits of the law saying especially that such violations won’t impact premiums. But in other states, texting while driving is treated the same way as if you are speeding over thrity miles an hour over the limit. Which is to claim that you may finish up with two violation points on your record.

If you live in a state where texting violations do mean you are going to get a points added to your record, the deciding factor will be how heavy your insurance firm considers the offense to be. Vehicle insurance corporations sometimes rely on their claims information to ascertain whether and by how much a certain factor should influence their customers’ premiums. So any price rises are probably going to be a mirrored image of internal claims information, not general accident statistics.

If they see that drivers who’ve texting-while-driving tickets have a tendency to file more claims than drivers who do not text while driving then car insurance quotes are probably going to be increasing over time.

New York is going to start to change the situation since the recent volume of increasing of texting and driving. And the State of New York is taking it as seriously as Driving Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol. Anyone found guiltly of texting and driving will have three points added to their driving records.

Recently the State of New York wanted to make it only a couple of points for driving and texting, but since the Governor realized the volume of tickets issued the Governor (Cuomo) signed the law to make it three points. It would be the same as running a red light or stop sign. Formerly, it was only a secondary offense, meaning police could ticket a driver for it only if they saw him committing another offense like speeding or imprudent driving. And it seems like insurance cover rates could be going up due to texting tickets.

Here is some interesting data about car insurance rates. We recently received auto insurance quotes from major carriers for one person with no points and another with a “texting and driving” points of “three” on their driving record. The person with the texting and driving points consistently received higher than average quotes for the similar driver, age, location, (being New York).

We approached the major insurance firms about whether or not they raise rates on drivers with texting violations, but none gave a straight yes or no answer. The best message we have been able to get is calling a local agent to ask about the texting and driving. The agent mentioned more States are going to add points to the driving record and insurance companies are going to consider “texting and driving” a moving violation.

There are several factors that go into rates, and each company has got its own exclusive systems of figuring out this rate. At the end, the base line is that, increased premiums or not, the most suitable choice is make sure you make your phone calls and text “before” you drive. Do not pay attention to any incoming calls or texts while driving at all times is what the top car insurance companies recommend. So, next time you need to text, realize one text could cost you hundreds of dollar in car insurance rates over the next couple of years.

Greg Fowler

Greg Fowler

Managing Member of AutoInsureSavings LLC, Greg has been in the insurance industry for 12 years and enjoys rebuilding vehicles. His goal is to help drivers save on anything related to automobiles. Travel and enjoying the outdoors are some of his hobbies. The best way to reach him is at his Twitter or Facebook Profile.

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