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If you are shopping for car insurance quotes you have come to the right place. All you have to do is enter your five digit zip code at the top of the page to get low quotes from top insurers in your area. If you want lower your auto insurance then it is time to start shopping for quotes online.

Long gone are the days where you had to call a broker of every insurance agency to find the best deal possible. With the advance comparison tool you get real-time quotes, you are able to have the insurance company give you a call back within minutes, or you may ask for an email from top insurers.

The best part is there is no obligation, and with two minutes of your time you could save thirty or forty percent on your car insurance.

The Importance of Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

When you are comparing car insurance quotes you want to realize each insurer has their own way of determining risk. Such factors are called “determining” factors by the insurance company and some are changeable and some are not:

Unchangeable Determining Car Insurance Factors

  • Your Age– If you are under the age of 25 then your  insurance premium is likely going to be higher than those which are much older.
  • Your Gender– Statistically women file less claims then men on average. However, the statistics are climbing for women filing more claims year by year.
  • Marital Status– Insurance firms see married couples as more responsible, but this doesn’t mean a single person cannot get low rates.

Changeable Determining Auto Insurance Factors

  • Driving Record– This factor is likely to weigh the heaviest by most insurance firms to determine risk. If you have a lot of moving or major traffic violations then you are going to have to wait at least three years to have lower rates. A good way to try and offset your driving record is to take a defensive driving course.
  • Where You Live– If you live in a big city where there is a higher than normal crime rate your insurance rates are going to be higher than average. Likewise if you live in a rural area your rates will be lower than normal.
  • Amount Of Accident Claims– If you haven’t filed any accident claims then you insurance quotes will be lower than an individual which has file one or more claims.
  • Type Of Vehicle– Statistically speaking if you own a less expensive vehicle then your auto insurance rates will be lower than a more expensive automobile.
  • Credit Score– While using your credit score is controversial most insurance companies use this to determine risk. If you have made some late payments then your car insurance quotes could be higher than average.
  • Driving Habits– The more you drive the higher chance you have for an automobile accident. If you decide to carpool or use public transportation than you rates can be lowered substantially.

As you compare insurance quotes it is easy to opt for the lowest price. On the other hand, you want to be sure you have more or the same level of protection. A lower price doesn’t necessarily mean you get a better deal each month. This is why it is important to comparison shop. Even though the goal is to save money, you do not want to compromise on protection when considering to switch insurers.

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Make sure you understand comprehensive and collision coverage. Comprehensive is any type of “non-collision” cover which will include a broken window or car theft. Collision coverage is exactly what it sounds like and repairs your car if you are involved in accident such as hitting a tree, for example.

A good guideline to follow if you want to save money on auto insurance is if the annual car insurance premiums for both coverage (comprehensive and collision) are ten percent or more than the Kelly Blue Book Value then consider dropping both coverages.

In laymen terms, if your vehicle is worth $4,000 and the cost of comprehensive and collision together is $400 a year, it might be time to lower your auto insurance rates and drop the coverages. What is the idea behind this? If you filed an insurance claim you wouldn’t collect more than your vehicle is worth on the market. This is only a guideline and your insurance needs may be different than another person, but this is a great way to lower your auto insurance.

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Another easy way to lower your auto insurance quotes is to adjust your deductible. The deductible is the portion of the expense for which you are responsible in the event of an accident. Your insurance company deducts the amount from the settlement you may receive. There are two factors you want to consider if you are going to adjust your deductible.

  • Finances– You want to review your household budget to be sure you can pay the deductible.
  • Your Driving Habits– If you have a past history of filing automobile accident claims then there is a likelihood you are going to file another one, therefore don’t raise your deductible.

The higher you set your deductible the lower your insurance premium will be. When you set your deductible higher you are taking more of the financial risk and insurance companies will offer you lower auto insurance quotes if you raise your deductible. In some instances, you will be able to save over twenty percent on auto insurance.

Not All Insurers Are Create Equal

Each insurance companies has their own way of doing business. As some weigh determining factors differently other companies give different prices when you raise your deductible. Some are dedicated to low-priced polices while others are more interested in customer satisfaction. You want to take the time to review each insurers auto insurance quote. Then you want to take time and to learn about the insurers claims and customer service process.