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Cars With The Best Technology Features, Wifi, Bluetooth, “Run flat tires”

Nowadays, when you are in the market for a new car, you have a much more involved decision to make than in years past. In addition to engine, interior and exterior features, fuel efficiency and seating capacity, the technology available varies widely. To find the car with the best technology features, many factors need to be taken into consideration. Just like homes and offices, cars have been catapulted into the technological age and offer virtually endless possibilities.

Technology advancements

Technology advances have provided new entertainment options and cutting-edge safety features. Today, cars offer everything from built-in navigation systems and surround-sound stereo systems to run-flat tires and other features such as smart airbags that have different stages of deployment based on impact and the weight of the passenger. The cost of these amenities varies from about $300 upwards of $1,500, depending on which features you are looking to add to your new car. With many new vehicles, the price already includes some of these technology features.

Wifi technology


Having WIFI in your vehicle is cost effective today. Image courtesy of The Cheat Sheet

So, which 2017 model is the car with the best technology features? This depends greatly on which features you value more: cost, entertainment or safety. Considered the best overall tech-friendly car by several car-review websites, the Audi A8 includes a high-speed LTE WiFi network, which can accommodate eight devices simultaneously. Google Earth real-world navigation and Google voice search will help keep you from getting lost or distracted while driving. This car does come with a luxury price tag, which starts at $72,200.

Gadget connectivity

For those with a more conservative budget, the Scion tC is considered the best value, starting from $19,480. It includes Bluetooth audio, iPod integration through USB and HD radio. One intimidating phrase when researching technology is Deutsches Institut für Normung, commonly abbreviated as DIN. Don’t let this German abbreviation scare you; it simply helps to define the size of the slot in the dash for the tech gadgets. A dual-DIN rack, also referred to as a double DIN, simply means that the hole in the dash for the electronics is larger than the traditional single-DIN opening.The entertainment system on the Scion tC has a dual-DIN rack, which makes it easy to add or upgrade equipment.

Performance technology

Being the car with the best technology features doesn’t necessarily mean having the neatest gadgets on the dash.


Image of how “run flat tires” work. Courtesy of Auto Evolution.

On BMW models, a highly coveted technological feature is the run-flat tire. This upgrade is at an average cost of $600 for four tires, but it is well worth the peace of mind as this technological advance will allow you to drive for up to 50 miles at 50 mph to get you to a service station. Of course, BMW also provides iDrive multimedia in its luxury cars.

Overall, there are many different types of technology available on today’s cars. Whether you are looking for a reasonably priced tech-savvy vehicle, a luxury car with a super infotainment system or the best of both worlds will determine which car with the best technology features is for you. be sure to get quotes and test drive your favorite rides before completing your new car search.

Alex Gabriel

Alex Gabriel

Alex Gabriel is a writer at Reply! with several years of digital marketing and copywriting experience. A native of Portland and graduate of the University of Oregon, Alex has a passion for writing about new cars. To learn more about cars with the best tech features, see his price guide for new vehicles.

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