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25 Steps To Cheaper Car Insurance

What are some ways to get the cheapest car insurance? Most drivers want toGirl Driving Getting Cheaper Auto Insurance save on their insurance premium. We are going to be brief at first and then if you want more information we have it categorize here.

  1. Comparison Shop – This is easy to do with all the advance quote platforms to compare insurance companies.

  2. Consider Getting A Different Vehicle – You may have a vehicle which cost more to insure than others.

  3. Age – Your age is going to a major factor in determining your car insurance rates.

  4. Increase your Deductible – You can increase your deductible and save hundreds per year.

  5. Where You Live – If you live in a higher than normal crime area your rates are probably going to be higher.

  6. Stay Loyal To Your Insurer – Companies love it when you stay with them and if you are considering leaving tell them about it. You may get lower car insurance in the process.

  7. Multi-Car Policy – If you have more than one vehicle then combine them to save

  8. Multi-Policy Discounts – Have life, health, and car insurance? Then combine them under one insurer to save additional money.

  9. Drop Comprehensive and Collision Cover – If you have an older car it may be time to think about dropping both coverages – then savings could be hundreds per year.

  10. Improve Your Credit Score – If you can improve your credit score by 100 points you could save up to ten percent on auto insurance.

  11. Clean Up Your Driving Record – If you have major traffic violations then drive safe, avoid speeding, and keep your record clean for three years.

  12. Secure Parking – If you are parking on the street consider parking in a garage or get secure parking.

  13. Drive Less – If you can carpool or take public transportation you reduce your mileage and get cheaper auto insurance in return.

  14. Pay Yearly and Not Monthly – If you make your payment all at once for the year you can get substantial savings from the insurer.

  15. Policy Add-ons – Review your policy to be sure there is coverage you don’t need, such as roadside assistance.

  16. Get Storage Insurance if you aren’t driving – If you don’t drive your vehicle for six months out of the year, tell your insurer about it.

  17. Automobile Safety Issues – Be sure you vehicle is up to date with the latest safety features.

  18. Get an Alarm – Be sure to get a security device for your car. Most insurance companies may offer you a discount for installing one.

  19. Affiliate Discounts – If you are affiliated with a certain company you may get discounts. Ask your insurer about it.

  20. Take a Defensive Driving Course – The couple hundred dollars it cost to take a defensive driving course could save you hundreds more.

  21. Students – Get Good Grades – If you are student and have good grades then ask about a discount from your insurance company.

  22. Check Your VIN – Your vehicle identification number? If the number is wrong then the insurer is insuring you for a different vehicle?

  23. Retirement Discounts – If you are over the age of 55 then you may qualify for a discount. Be sure to ask you insurer about it.

  24. Verify Your Policy – Sometime people make mistakes and your policy may be wrong or without the correct information.

  25. Never Assume – Never assume you are getting discounts, the cheapest car insurance, or everything is accurate. Stay on top of the insurers to be sure you get the most cost-effective insurance plan.

Greg Fowler

Greg Fowler

Managing Member of AutoInsureSavings LLC, Greg enjoys writing articles to help drivers save on anything related to automobiles. Travel and enjoying the outdoors are some of his hobbies. The best way to reach him is at his Twitter or Facebook Profile.

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