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Missouri Car Insurance Regulations, Fines, And Penalties

The state of Missouri car insurance requirements to drive legal are as follows:

Bodily Injury Liability

This sort of coverage pays the hospital costs of the other driver and their passengers when the insured individual is at-fault in an accident. Under the minimum coverage, the insurer will pay up to $25,000 for a single person and up to $50,000 for multiple passengers concerned in the accident.

Property damage Liability

So to cover repairs which may have happened to the other person’s car, public property and personal property, at least $10,000 of property damage liability cover must be maintained by each resident.

Uninsured Motorist Protection (UM) is required in the state of MO since the state believes other states and drivers are not maintaining the minimum standards of Missouri.

The set numbers for MO is 25,000/50,000/10,000 respectfully as you can see from the figures above.

If you do not want to carry liability insurance in MO then you have the option to get a surety bond by filing form 2308A. The bond must show an amount of $60,000 with a corporate seal, completed by power of attorney, including signatures of the principal and the attorney on the notarized on the bond.

union station ks mo

Neat picture interior of Union Station, Kansas City, MO. Picture Courtesy of Punkcity; Tumblr.

Another option is a real estate bond by filing form 1585, you have to own the real estate or property with equities valued at $120,000 with no liens or encumbrances. The real estate bond must be recorded with the state of the Recorder of Deeds. Another option is a cash deposit of $60,000 with the State Treasurer’s Office, a certificate of deposit of $60,000, stocks/bonds value at $60,000, or any other negotiable securities.

All forms to forge liability insurance must be submitted to the Missouri Department of Revenue.

The majority of drivers in the state cannot afford those options therefore minimum liability is the best option. It is recommended to get comprehensive and collision insurance in the state of MO if you have a newer model vehicle, the value of the automobile is more than $3,000, or residing in large metropolitan areas such as St. Louis, Kansas City, or Springfield.

Failure to show proof of insurance

  • Four points will be added to your driving record

  • Eight points and your driving privilege is suspended for 18 months

  • Order sent to the Driver License Bureau to monitor proper liability insurance

  • 0 days suspension for failure to show proof of insurance

  • 90 days suspension for failure to show proof – second offense

  • 1 year suspension for failure to show proof – third offense

It is important to note the reinstatement fees are as follows when failure to show proper cover:

  • First suspension – $20 reinstatement fee

  • Second suspension – $200 reinstatement fee

  • Third suspensions – $400 dollar reinstatement fee

  • All suspensions require filing a SR22

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