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Jaime Arias – Licensed Insurance Agent

Jaime has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

He is a licensed property and casualty agent in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and comes from a long tradition in the insurance world in Puerto Rico.

His great-grandfather started in the nascent insurance business on the island as an immigrant from Spain.

Jaime has experience working as a digital marketing director at Red Ventures and has managed various businesses throughout his career.  

Eric Huffman

Eric Huffman, Licensed Insurance Agent

Eric is a personal finance and insurance writer licensed in property, casualty, and life insurance lines.

He has worked directly with clients, helping them find the best coverage to protect their business or family.

Some of his published works include Benzinga.

His background is in insurance and personal finance, as well as business and technology.

Eric has run businesses and worked on the front line.

Real-world knowledge brings depth to the topics Eric writes about — but in an easy-to-read format.

Recent contributions by Eric:

Auto Insurance Companies That Don’t Check Credit

Christina M. Palermo - Licensed Insurance Agent.Christina M. Palermo – Licensed Insurance Agent

Christina is a freelance writer and licensed insurance agent.

She has worked in many facets of the insurance industry, from entry-level assistant to account manager/sales rep to vice president of operations.

She worked as a licensed insurance agent at United Security Health and Casualty in Bedford Park, IL, and a workers compensation program coordinator at Medical Specialists in Munster, IN. 

She’s consulted with thousands of clients over the years, selling and servicing life, health, auto, homeowners, workers’ compensation, BOP, and many other products.

Some of her published works are and

She has a Liberal Arts and English writing degree from Purdue University and her Illinois Insurance Producers License in Life and Health and Property and Casualty. 

Maurice Draine

Maurice Draine, Former P&C Insurance Agent

Maurice, a former licensed P&C insurance agent with a 4-year degree in journalism, helps insurance and other financial businesses create the words that drive customers to their websites and keeps them there.

Some of his published works include Insuranceopedia and Benzinga.

He resides in Minneapolis and has worked as a technical writer for UnitedHealthcare and Wells Fargo, where he created Medicare-related policies and procedures for three years.

Maurice used to own his own insurance agency and now runs Mastermind Insurance Copywriting to help other insurers and agencies with their online content requests.

When he is not helping his clients drive traffic to their websites and engage their audiences, he spends a lot of time at home with his wife Heather, their two daughters Gianna (10) and Mia (6), and Kandi, their 1-year-old Maltese.

Recent articles by Maurice:

Is It Possible To Get An Anonymous Car Insurance Quote?

Best Cheap Toyota Camry Car Insurance; How Much to Insure It?

Benefits of Non-Owners Car Insurance

Jennifer Benson, Licensed Insurance Agent

Jennifer Benson has been working in the finance industry for over 25 years, 16 years in insurance as a licensed agent.

Her focus is on giving you peace of mind by protecting your assets. Insurance can be complicated. She takes the time to walk you through all your coverages to make sure you understand them. That is one of the many areas where her clients appreciate her.

She has an independent agency, which allows her to offer different companies based on the client’s needs.

Her ultimate goal is to provide excellent customer service.

Her knowledge and experience are an excellent addition to articles offered at

She has a blended family with her husband – his 2 boys, her daughter, and their daughter. She has lived in Fishers, IN for over 40 years.

She loves to golf, workout, spend time with the family and friends in her spare time. It is never a dull moment.

Before coming to Ashlin Hadden Insurance, Jennifer had her agency with American Family Insurance for 5 years then move to an independent insurance agency in Westfield, Indiana, where she worked for 11 years.

Her role at Ashlin Hadden Insurance Agency is to grow the personal lines department.

She has a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc) degree from Ball State University.

Recent contributions by Jennifer:

Benefits of Adding Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage

The Best & Cheapest Car Insurance for Your Honda Civic

Why is Car Insurance for High-Risk Drivers So Expensive?


Shaun Fyffe, Published Insurance Expert

Shaun is an auto insurance expert with 10 years of experience as a researcher and content writer.

In addition to writing for AutoInsureSavings LLC, he also works as an educator in the NY-Metro area.

He works as a Spanish and AP Computer Science Teacher for Nyack Public Schools.

And was an Adjunct Professor at the State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz, NY.

He strives to help you make informed decisions related to car insurance by diligently researching each topic he writes about.

He wants you to get the best coverage for the lowest price at the end of the day.

Shaun has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Spanish from SUNY New Paltz, a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science from Florida State University, and a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) from SUNY New Paltz.

Shaun is fluent in Spanish and has a New York Professional Certification in Spanish for grades 7 – 12.

Recent publications by Shaun:

Best Usage-Based Car Insurance Options (Telematics)

Cheaper Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Tips to Bring a Vintage Car Back to Life

Can Someone Else Insure My Car?

Greg Fowler, Published Insurance Expert

Greg is an auto insurance expert and has more than 12 years of experience in insurance research and many other auto industry areas.

He created to help drivers find savings on their auto premium or anything auto-related.

Essentially a place for drivers to keep their premium from turning into a house payment.

Some of his published works include the Chicago Tribune and referenced in insurance publications such as,, and Car and Driver. 

Greg is the owner of since 2012, its inception.

Previously, he owned under Mid-West Business Strategies, Inc.

Now, the site is wholly owned by AutoInsureSavings LLC since 2018.

While not working, he enjoys the outdoors, making sure he goes to the park every day.

Also, he enjoys rebuilding vehicles in his spare time.

Recent publications by Greg:

Best Tesla Car Insurance

Benefits of Adding Comprehensive Coverage & Collision Coverage

Best Car Insurance for Ford F-150 – How Much to Insure it?

Benefits of Adding Roadside Assistance To Your Car Insurance Policy

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