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Missouri Car Insurance Requirements, Cheapest Providers by Quote, & Tips for Savings

Here you are going to find the cheapest insurers in Missouri, minimum coverage to be legal, and helpful strategies to lower your rate even further.

Overall the lowest price providers are Farmers, Auto-Owners, Electric, and Missouri Farm Bureau.

Depending on the city you reside in, these are going to be your best options.

There are others lesser known companies which are competitive too, such as Cameron Mutual, which I will go into further detail below. 

In the meantime, I am going to cover the minimum requirements for drivers and include a few cost savings ideas. 

If you would like to skip to a certain portion of the article use the table of contents down a little and to the right.

State of Missouri Car Insurance Requirements

CoverageMissouri Minimum Liability CoverageRecommended Coverage
Bodily Injury Protection$25,000 / $50,000$100,000 / $300,000
Property Damage$10,000$50,000
Uninsured Motorist Coverage$25,000 / $50,000$100,000 / $300,000
Comprehensive CoverageOptional$500 - $1,000 deductible
Collision CoverageOptional$500 - $1,000 deductible

Please note these are the only required coverages, besides comprehensive and collision, you need to insure your vehicle in Missouri, but there are a number of optional coverages you can add for extra protection.

Bodily Injury Liability

This coverage pays the hospital costs of the other driver and their passengers when the insured individual is at-fault in an accident.

Under the minimum coverage, the insurer will pay up to $25,000 for a single person and up to $50,000 for multiple passengers concerned in the accident.

Cheapest rates for 25 year old driver in Missouri.

Note: For a driver with good driving history the cheapest providers for a 25 year old in Missouri are Farmers, Auto-Owners, and Electric. Quotes obtained are for 2014 Toyota Camry, not married, good credit, and no more than one driving violation. This applies for the rest of the illustrations except where noted. For more details please see table below.

Property Damage Liability

Property Damage covers repairs which may have happened to the other person’s car, public property and personal property.

At least $10,000 of property damage liability coverage must be maintained by each vehicle owner.

Uninsured Motorist Protection (UM) is required in the state of MO since the state believes other states and drivers are not maintaining the minimum standards of Missouri.

The set numbers for MO is 25,000/50,000/10,000 respectfully as you can see from the figures above.

Affordable premium choices for 30 year old driver in Missouri.

Note: A 30 year old driver in Missouri should be able to find rates below $1,000 as illustrated. More details in table below.

Other Ways to Forego Liability Insurance

If you do not want to carry liability insurance in MO then you have the option to get a surety bond by filing form 2308A.

The bond must show an amount of $60,000 with a corporate seal, completed by power of attorney, including signatures of the principal and the attorney on the notarized on the bond.

Another option is a real estate bond by filing form 1585, you have to own the real estate or property with equities valued at $120,000 with no liens or encumbrances.

Lowest quotes for 35 year old in MO

Note: A 35 year old driver in Missouri can find rates under $900 with Electric, Farmers, and Auto-Owners.

The real estate bond must be recorded with the state of the Recorder of Deeds.

Another option is a cash deposit of $60,000 with the State Treasurer’s Office, a certificate of deposit of $60,000, stocks/bonds value at $60,000, or any other negotiable securities.

All forms to forge liability insurance must be submitted to the Missouri Department of Revenue.

The majority of drivers in the state cannot afford those options therefore minimum liability is the best option.

It is recommended to get comprehensive and collision insurance in the state of MO if you have a newer model vehicle, the value of the automobile is more than $3,000, or residing in large metropolitan areas such as St. Louis, Kansas City, or Springfield.

Cheapest rate premium choices for 40 year old in Missouri.

Note: A 40 year old driver can get cheap rates with the 5 illustrated companies.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Providers by Rate & Company

Below I have outlined in a table the cheapest providers by age from 25 to 55 years old.

The quotes provided are the average rate to include high-risk drivers. You may find your rate a lot lower if you have good credit and driving history.

Missouri Company25 Y/O Driver30 Y/O Driver35 Y/O Driver40 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver55 Y/O Driver
Missouri Farm Bureau$1,023$945$833$655$499$390
Cameron Mutual$1,069$987$833$687$516$404
State Farm$1,087$998$867$688$521$412
California Casualty$1,209$1,087$941$765$588$444
The Hartford$1,243$1,109$976$789$598$441
Safe Auto$1,256$1,108$989790$600$471
Liberty Mutual$1,267$1,112$998$800$608$487
21st Century$1,299$1,156$1,044$816$641$412

Best premium choices by insurer for 45 year old in MO

Note: A 45 year old driver can find rates below $500 with Missouri Farm Bureau and Farmers.

Failure to Show Proof of Insurance

  • Four points will be added to your driving record

  • Eight points and your driving privilege is suspended for 18 months

  • Order sent to the Driver License Bureau to monitor proper liability insurance

  • 0 days suspension for failure to show proof of insurance

  • 90 days suspension for failure to show proof – second offense

  • 1 year suspension for failure to show proof – third offense

It is important to note the reinstatement fees are as follows when failure to show proper cover:

  • First suspension – $20 reinstatement fee

  • Second suspension – $200 reinstatement fee

  • Third suspensions – $400 dollar reinstatement fee

  • All suspensions require filing a SR22

Best Companies by Consumer Rating, Complaints, & Rate Change over 18 Months

Below is a table of top carriers in Missouri by consumer rating and rate change over 18 months on average.

This is only a guide to help you diligently compare companies for the cheapest rate while maintaining optimum coverage.

MO CompanyPremiumsRate Change > 18 Months# of ComplaintsConsumer Rating out of 5 Stars
Bristol West$11,653,717+1.8%44.0
State Farm721,378,692+1.9%2584.4
American Family422,677,786+1.6%2454.6
Columbia Group11,164,693+1.5%83.8
Missouri Farm Bureau65,175,896+2.3%513.8
Liberty Mutual49,315,179+1.6%394.3
21st Century15,048,870+1.6%154.3
Country Financial Insurance18,924,474+1.9%194.1
State Auto13,374,813+1.6%144.2

Low-cost premiums illustrated for 55 year old driver.

Note: A 55 year old driver with good driving history can find extremely low rates with any of the 5 insurers illustrated.

Average Insurance Rate by City in Missouri

CityAverage RatePopulationCityAverage RatePopulationCityAverage RatePopulationCityAverage RatePopulation
Boonville$4548,319Fulton$51112,790Maryville$44211,972St Ann$60112,812
Branson$46710,087Grain Valley$53212,854Maysville$5391,087Sullivan$5877,126

Kansas City, MO

Cheapest insurers for Kansas City, MO Drivers.The average rate in Kansas City is approximately $721 per year. If you want cheaper car insurance then get quotes from Farmers, Auto-Owners, and Electric. Each at $711, $723, and $726 respectfully for a 30 year old driver.

This is savings of $5 per year for each insurer and about 2% lower than the average rate.

A 45 year old driver can find two insurers less than $500 per year – Farmers and Auto-Owners. The other insurers such as Electric or State Farm clustered in the $505 to $534 range. More than 25% lower than the citywide average.

It would be smart for a family of 4 to get quotes from all insurers illustrated to find maximum savings and optimum coverage.

Kansas City Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
Missouri Farm Bureau$743$512
Cameron Mutual$787$516
State Farm$790$534

Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri with nearly 500,000 residents. It was incorporated as a city in 1853. One of the neatest places within Kansas City is City Market and has been one of the largest and most enduring public farmers’ markets in the American Midwest, linking growers and small businesses to the community. 

Kansas City is famous for its livestock, steakhouses and barbecue. Some of the best barbecue restaurants in the country can be found within the city, including the legendary Arthur Bryant’s, which has been called “the best restaurant in the world.”

Each fall, KC hosts the American Royal, with livestock exhibitions and rodeos, horse competitions and the largest barbecue competition in the country.

Several notable companies have their headquarters in Kansas City which include, Applebee’s, Russell Stover Candies, H&R Block,  and Hallmark Cards.

St. Louis, MO

Affordable premium choices for St. Louis, MO drivers.St. Louis car insurance is the second most expensive in the state with an average rate of $743. Out of all the insurers we queried we found all of them more expensive than the average rate.

So what did we do? We queried again and the cheapest providers are Farmers at $765, Auto-Owners at $789, and Electric at $800. This is about 10% higher than the “mean” rate for a 30 year old driver.

For a 45 year old driver we found 7 insurance companies clustering between $499 and $590. Farmers being the cheapest followed by Auto-Owners, then Electric. This is $175 to $266 in yearly savings for a 45 year old.

If you are shopping for lower quotes then it would be smart to get quotes from all of the insurers illustrated to find a rate at least 10% lower than average.

St. Louis Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
Missouri Farm Bureau$813$545
Cameron Mutual$896$578
State Farm$904$590

St. Louis’ most famous landmark is the 630-foot Gateway Arch designed by Eero Saarinen and erected in 1965 to symbolize St. Louis as the gateway to the American West. The city was named after Louis IX of France after being founded by two Frenchmen.

Home to over 300,000 residents, St. Louis is known for being a sports fan city. Major league baseball’s St. Louis Cardinals play at the Busch stadium.

The NFL’s St. Louis Rams play at the Edward Jones Dome, which also hosts major college sports events like the Big 12 Championship game in football and the NCAA Final Four in basketball.

The Savvis Center holds the home ice of the NHL’s St. Louis Blues as well as the home court of the St. Louis Billikens for college basketball.

St. Louis nightlife is wonderful and is considered one of the top cities for singles by Forbes Magazine. Future lovebirds stroll to historic Soulard neighborhood to enjoy live music.

Springfield, MO

Springfield, MO inexpensive insurers, Farmers, GEICO.If Springfield residents want to keep more money in their wallet then start by getting quotes from Farmers, Auto-Owners, and Electric. Each at $690, $698, $700 respectfully for a 30 year old driver. Which is about 12% lower than the citywide average auto insurance rate of $783 per year.

Missouri Farm Bureau and GEICO are about $30 more at $732 and $731 for full coverage.

A 45 year old driver can find quotes for less than $500 per year with Farmer, Auto-Owners, Electric, and Missouri Farm Bureau. This is over $240 in savings each year if you get a premium with any of the top insurers illustrated.

We suggest a family of 4 to get quote from all insurers to find the best savings. Missouri Farm Bureau has a membership fee and it might be worth paying since it would be offset by big savings on an auto premium.

Springfield Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
Missouri Farm Bureau$732$478
Cameron Mutual$745$532
State Farm$785$541

Springfield is known as the “Birthplace of US Route 66” and as “The Cultural Center of the Ozarks” and has nearly 200,000 residents. Portions of historic U.S. Route 66 still exist in parts of the city.

In 1865, Springfield was the site of an historic gunfight where “Wild Bill” Hickok killed Davis K. Tutt, Jr. over a gambling dispute.

The incident is widely considered by historians to have been the first real “Wild West” gunfight, in the style that would later be depicted countless times in TV and movie westerns.

The most popular attractions include, Fantastic Caverns, Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts, Landers Theatre, Springfield National Cemetery, Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield, Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium, Dickerson Park Zoo, and Mosher House.

Below is a list of National Register of Historic Places in Springfield:

  • Abou Ben Adhem Shrine Mosque
  • Gillioz Theater
  • Jefferson Street Footbridge
  • Landers Theatre
  • Springfield National Cemetery
  • Stone Chapel
  • Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield

Independence, MO

Lowest premium choices in Independence, MOThe average car insurance rate in Independence is $678 per year. We found two insurers about 5% lower than the citywide average – Farmers at $645 and Auto-Owners at $655 for a 30 year old driver.

To make sure drivers are getting the lowest rates it would be smart to get quotes from all insurance firms illustrated to find savings.

For a 45 year old driver we found 6 insurers clustering under $500 per year for full coverage. The cheapest being Farmers at $390, followed by Auto-Owners at $412, then Electric at $443.

The top three are over 20% lower than the citywide “mean” rate for driver in Independence. A family of 4 should be able to shave at least 10% off their current premium by diligently comparing all insurers illustrated in the table and graph.

Independence Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
Missouri Farm Bureau$703$434
Cameron Mutual$723$489
State Farm$756$500

What put Independence, Missouri on the national map during the 20th century was Harry S. Truman, his hometown. Truman was elected presiding judge of the county court in 1922 and then to the U.S. Senate in 1934.

In 1944 he was elected as Franklin D. Roosevelt’s vice-president and became President one year later upon Roosevelt’s death. 

The pivotal role played by Independence in American history is reflected in its grandly restored mansions. One of these, Vaile Mansion, was built in 1881 by local entrepreneur Harvey Merrick Vaile, and represents one of the finest examples of Second-Empire Victorian architecture in the country. 

One of Independence’s most celebrated annual events is the Santa-Cali-Gon Days, a Labor Day festival celebrating the city’s heritage as a starting point on three major frontier trails: the Santa Fe Trail, the California Trail and the Oregon Trail. Hence it is known as the “Queen City of the Trails”.

Columbia, MO

Cheap premium options for drivers in Columbia, MO.Residents can find cheap insurance by getting quotes from Electric, Farmers, and Auto-Owners. The cheapest is Electric at $655 for a 30 year old driver.

Over $100 cheaper than the “mean” rate of $765. Farmers is extremely close with a $656 quote, then Auto-Owners at $678.

For a 45 year old driver we found one company, Electric, less than $500 per year for full coverage. Farmers and Auto-Owners are $40 more at $500 and $523 respectfully. GEICO at $544 and Cameron Mutual at $562 are certainly worth getting quotes from.

Since both drivers (30 and 45 year old) we queried have no discounts taken into consideration, with GEICO or Cameron Mutual you could find lower rates.

Columbia Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
Missouri Farm Bureau$690$543
Cameron Mutual$721$562
State Farm$765$573

Columbia was incorporated as city in 1892. Today, it has an economy heavily vested in the education, health care, and insurance industries with over 100,000 residents.

Local manufacturers include the 3M Corporation, a major producer of optical and electronic products and Columbia Foods, a division of Oscar Mayer. 

Historic and cultural sites include the Walters-Boone County Historical Museum, the Jewell Cemetery State Historic Site, and the University of Missouri Museum of Art and Archaeology.

Lee’s Summit

Lee's Summit, MO low-cost policy options for drivers.

Drivers in Lee’s Summit can get the cheapest premium by getting quotes from Farmers, Missouri Farm Bureau, and Electric.

I queried each at $680, $712, and $734 per year for a 30 year old.

If you want to expand to more carriers then Auto-Owners and Cameron Mutual are good contenders. Each queried at $768 and $831 respectfully for full coverage.

A 45 year old can get the lowest quotes with Farmers and Missouri Farm Bureau.

Each queried at $497 and $521 respectfully for full coverage. Which is 18% to 20% lower than the median rate for drivers of similar age and profile.

Electric is a carrier to get quotes from with a price queried at $530 per year.

All of the insurers clustered between $497 and $590. Or all of them are at least 11% lower than the average quote for similar drivers.

Lee's Summit Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
Missouri Farm Bureau$712$521
Cameron Mutual$831$590
State Farm$844$626

In the 1850’s the area was incorporated as the town of Strother. In 1868 it was renamed Lee’s Summit.

During that time there were approximately 500 residents among them was Cole Younger of the Younger Gang.

During the Civil War, and a little thereafter, guerrilla warfare wrecked the state of Missouri.

Cole Younger became a leader of the group which became known as the “bushwackers”.

Today, Lee’s Summit has 91,000 residents and is the 6th largest city in the state and the Kansas City metropolitan area. 

CNN/Money has ranked the city in the top 100 places to live in the United States.

Jefferson City

Jefferson City, MO affordable premium quotes for drivers.

Residents of Jefferson City can find inexpensive quotes with Farmers, Missouri Farm Bureau, and Auto-Owners.

I queried each at $677, $723, and $765 per year for a 30 year old driver. Which is 17% to 23% lower than the median rate for a driver of similar age and profile.

There is a significant price difference among the lowest and highest insurer making it important to compare quotes for the most savings.

A 45 year old can get the best prices with Farmers and Missouri Farm Bureau. Each queried at $488 and $505 per year for full coverage.

Which is approximately 19% lower than the “mean” quote for drivers of similar profile.

All carriers illustrated for a 45 year old are 14% lower than the median rate.

Jefferson City Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
Missouri Farm Bureau$723$505
Cameron Mutual$822$587
State Farm$850$608

Jefferson City was founded in 1821 and named after the 3rd President of the U.S., Thomas Jefferson. It is the capital of Missouri.

During the 1800’s the frontiersman Daniel Boone established the Boone’s Lick Trail. Later, the city was designed by Daniel Morgan Boone who was the son of the noteworthy frontiersman.

During Boone’s time there were approximately 3,000 residents.

Today, there are 43,000 residents and the 15th most populous city in the state.

Rand McNally has named Jefferson City as America’s “Most Beautiful Small Town”.

Notable attractions include the Missouri Governor’s Mansion, Lohman Building, Jefferson Landing Historic Site, and the Graham Cave State Park.

St. Charles

Saint Charles lowest premium choices for 30 to 45 y/o drivers.

Drivers in St. Charles can get the cheapest premium by getting quotes from Farmer, Missouri Farm Bureau, and Auto-Owners. I queried each at $709, $730, and $766 per year for a 30 year old.

Which is 16% to 19% lower than the median quote for drivers of similar age and profile.

Electric and Cameron Mutual are 12% lower therefore it would be smart to include them when comparing quotes.

A 45 year old can get the lowest rates with Farmers, Missouri Farm Bureau, and Auto-Owners.

I queried each at $508, $543, and $570 per year for full coverage. Or approximately 18% to 21% lower than the citywide “mean” rate for similar drivers.

Quotes clustered between $508 and $633 for a 45 year old which is a $125 variance or nearly 25%.

Making it important to compare quotes. However, both Electric and Cameron Mutual are over 10% lower than the median rate.

St. Charles Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
Missouri Farm Bureau$730$543
Cameron Mutual$820$633
State Farm$846$645

Saint Charles was founded in about 1769 as Les Petites Côtes, or “The Little Shores” in French, by Louis Blanchette, a French-Canadian fur trader when the area was nominally ruled by Spain following the Seven Years’ War.

It was primarily settled by French speaking colonists from Canada.

It was an important stop for the Lewis and Clark expedition since they considered it the last “civilized stop”.

Saint Charles was the capital of Missouri from 1821 to 1826.

Today, there are over 65,000 residents making it the 9th largest city in the state. St. Charles is considered a suburb of St. Louis.

A focal point for the community is Riverfront and Main Street of St. Charles Historic District. Each block features quaint shops, restaurants, and offices frequented by visitors and locals.

The historic district of St. Charles is considered the 1st permanent European settlement on the Missouri River.

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